Core Services

Agile design and fabrication of prototypes involving mechanics, electronics and software



We offer development services from the inception phase of the product. We can produce conceptual designs and fabrication drawings, helping our customers to materialize their ideas. We can make the 3D model of the product, calculations and the fabrication drawings using CAD and FEA software


Our expertise in fabrication is one of the key differences of the company, that allows us to design with the deep knowledge of the machinery to be used, from lathes to additive manufacturing. We offer our customers consulting and advice in their fabrication processes and we also have our own fabrication capabilities to develop prototypes, or short editions of final products


We have a strong R&D vocation and we participate in different projects with global partners. We work both in the technical side and in the management part, offering services for the writing and submission of European calls (SME Instrument, H2020, COST, Eurostars, etc.), Spanish funds (CDTI, FECYT, EQUIPA, etc.) and Canarian and MAC regional funds. We can also support your company towards the start-up path through private funds.


We offer repair and maintenance services for both, products developed by SSM and those assets of your company, specifically ROVs, AUVs, ASVs, UAVs, Marine Sensors and Technologies, and general robotics and mechatronics systems, embedded boards, etc.


SSM provides short courses and ad-hoc programs for the Subsea Sector and the Offshore Industry through the TRESCUARTAS Institute. In the same way, we support our clients, with consultancy services in the above mentioned areas of expertise.


SSM is committed to the outreach and training of all age students starting with kids through our brand Lpa Fàbrika to share our passion about technology. Specifically we offer courses related to design and digital manufacturing (3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling machines, etc.), robotics, electronics and embedded systems (Arduino, Beagle, Raspberry, Odroid, etc.), security in social networks, etc. among others.

SSM core expertise is the agile design and fabrication of prototypes involving mechanics, electronics and software, finding solutions within time and cost requirements to meet the specifications.

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