Underwater Robot

TOOLBOT, Underwater Autonomous Vehicle.

The TOOLBOT project is a Pluriregional INNTERCONECTA 2015 that seeks to develop an Integral Sustainable Dredging System by rethinking the concept of the usual dredging operations, developing new equipment to replace the existing ones, optimizing the set of operations that are part of a project of dredging, minimizing costs, operating times, and introducing a new concept of sustainable dredging, through the use of independent equipment for dredging, material transport and dumping. The consortium is formed by the galician companies Nodosa shipyard, Nodosafer and Hercules Control together with SSM. The project includes the protection through patents of the developments that are made. With a duration of 3 years, it has a total budget of 3,549,451 euros.

SSM core expertise is the agile design and fabrication of prototypes involving mechanics, electronics and software, finding solutions within time and cost requirements to meet the specifications.

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