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    We help you to develop your projects. If you need a prototype of your product or idea, we are your best choice.
  • We are experts in
    manufacturing processes
    Rapid prototyping, CNC machining, 3D printing

Check our portfolio to know more about what kind of projects we can do.

If you are interested in make prototypes of your product or idea, we are the best choice.

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We can help you with your project

Supporting you with the 3D design, calculations, drawings, prototype fabrication, finding the best suppliers, managing the fabrication and quality control.

Mechatronics is our expertise

From integrated systems to hydraulic mechanisms, we have experience in solving problems using all kinds of technologies.

Rapid prototyping services

The best way to check that your design complies all the requirements is to create a prototype. We are prototyping experts using state of the art techniques of digital fabrication.

Industrialization of your product

We can help you through all the path to market, from your idea to the final product, from conceptual designs to the QC and management of the fabrication either short or long manufacturing series.

What our Clients says

SSM core expertise is the agile design and fabrication of prototypes involving mechanics, electronics and software, finding solutions within time and cost requirements to meet the specifications.

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